After 30 years of teaching science in MPS (Milwaukee Public Schools), over which time I've gone from formal class training in the use of a slide rule to on-line communication with scientists; from IBM punch cards to flash drives, from ditto machines and copies that students would smell before writing on them to paperless classrooms; I've come to realize that change is good, necessary, and at the very least unavoidable.  With this thought central in my mind I submit the following animations, demonstrations, and links  for your consideration.  Each site was active as of 5/1/2013. 

You may already do similar demos but there is nothing wrong with enhancing or expanding on a current practice.  The animations often serve to give a retelling of the story in another voice that may drive a point presented in class home to the student.  If there are other links I should add please submit them via the contact form or use

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 Biology Links

Teacher Web Sites 

Science Misconceptions


Technology in the Classroom


Teaching Methods 

Environmental Science Links

Teacher Web Sites
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